Frequently Asked Questions

Is There A Min Contract Period?

No, it’s on a rolling monthly basis with 30 days notice. No tie ins, whatsoever. Simple.

Are There Any Hidden Costs?

No, none, nada!  All costs will be shared & pre-agreed before work begins. Many clients are pleasantly surprised at our costing too. 

Can Do Our SEO or PPC Campaigns?

We can, but that is not what we are about, our purpose lies elsewhere. Our services looks beyond the SEO, PPC etc, we look at the strategy, spend budgets, structure, staff, process & campaign attributes such as optimisation & ROAS. We essentially reconfigure your whole online capability so that your staff works smarter, your campaigns perform better & spend wastage reduced. Reduce errors & achieve growth. 

If needed, we can temporarily take over your marketing campaigns to ensure going concern until a time, it can be passed back.

What Happens After The Project Finishes?

Our business model is to leave your business in a much better position than we originally found it. This usually means that once we have finished then in theory you should not have any immediate need for Once a project has completed, there are three options:

A: To remain in contact for advisory guidance
B: Remain committed on a monthly retainer 
C: To undertake your marketing campaigns    

Option A is the default & most likely, as we should have put matters on track to enable your business to carry on with on call from time to time.

Option B is where you may require for us to remain involved to gain further scale or in a different capacity.

Option C is the least likely, as we are neither an agency nor employed staff however, if needed we are happy to undertake but only temporarily until a capable replacement is available. 

Irrespective of the options, we will always be available should anything be required. 

I'm A New or Struggling Business, Can You Help Me?

Businesses in their incubation period, just started trading or trading under £5,000 per month will have the option for up to 3 free sessions of 25 minutes each.

This is an opportunity to discuss all forms of matters related to your business in a bid for us to lend our expertise to help your growth.

We believe in giving back, after all, there is a reason why we are

How To Get Started?

It all starts with a no obligation call. You can schedule by clicking on Book A Call.

Will We See Results?

We do not compromise in that we only engage once we are sure we can make a positive difference. We have found that our experience & expertise combined with our “Know Your Domain” methodology gives the project the best chance of success.

What Is Your Pricing Model?

Our pricing model is mostly based on your average online monthly net value turnover, because this usually dictates project scale. We find this to be a fairer system all round.

A business with a turnover of over £1m will have different dynamics when compared to a business doing £15k.

How Long Will The Project Last?

There is no one answer, as each client brief will vary. However, on average, a project can last up to 3 months. Depending upon the scale of the project, this could be reduced or increased.

What's the difference between & an agency or staff?

Your agency & staff undertake the technical setup, maintenance  & marketing campaigns, this is usually the extent of their involvement.

Our remit is to go beyond, help define clear & realistic objectives, strategy, brainstorm, plan out resources to build efficient processes, structure & standards, staff to task management, budget allocations. Includes all SEO, PPC & other campaigns to go under great scrutiny to ensure best chance of ROI.

Staff or agency will do their best to show only the good side, we do the opposite, we find things that are hurting your efforts & call it out (diplomatically of course). By doing so, we often stop the bleed and get better ROI. We find the snags that no one wants to look for & unearth both systemic failures as well as opportunities to pursue.

We ensure you are aware of everything, will your agency or staff do the same?

Once we complete our term, your business will be razor sharp in matters of online ROI for your business. You can manage staff or agency much better & get more out of every engagement & campaign. The benefits from will last way after we have parted ways.

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