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Is your agency/in-house team delivering?
Too much technical jargon?
Need to change agency but not sure how or to whom?
Want to break off from agency & setup in-house?
Not sure of how to go to the next level?
Your website campaigns not performing?
Something is off but not sure what? Any of this ring a bell?

You know your business best & we know digital. We can help get your business over the line. Talking to us will make a difference, read more.


Working tirelessly but hit a ceiling?
Growing pains?
Need to restructure, but not sure how?
Demanding clients?
Staff issue?
Perhaps you are a traditional marketing agency looking to setup an in-house digital expertise? Any of this ring a bell?

Whether you are a digital marketing, creative, PR or development agency, talk to us. We can truly help, read more.

Any of these sound familiar?

“Is my agency giving true value?”

“Are our marketing campaigns running correctly?”

“Are we overspending?”

“Can we increase our online sales?”

“Too many conflicting thoughts delaying decisions?”

“The business has hit a ceiling?”

“Need a fresh perspective?”

“Should I reach out to an agency or

setup an in-house digital team?”

Whatever your online questions, we already answer them for many businesses & agencies.
We help bring realistic clarity regarding your online aspirations
Helping you to “know your domain”

Service Benefits

Online marketing done right, every time

Your team / agency finally working in your best interest

Optimised marketing campaigns

Makes saving time & money a habit

Work smarter & obtain results quicker

Our Promise to You


Promise 1

The truth, we only engage if we can add real value

Promise 2

Laser focused on your project objectives

Promise 3

We will uncover hidden issues & opportunities

Promise 4

Your online operations
will be more efficient,
stable & in control

Why Help.co.uk


Online done incorrectly is stressful & the sense of accomplishment when resolved is worthwhile. After an initial chat, we only engage if we are able to add value. Your time & our reputation, both are highly valued


Knowing the problem is the first step towards solution. Is doing SEO, PPC, Social Media etc enough? How do you know whether they are being run properly? We look deep to ensure your staff & campaigns are on point. Bringing clarity to a situation where technical jargon often rules



With over 20 years’ experience in running agencies, training workshops & leading multidisciplinary teams, have furnished us with a unique perspective on all things digital. There is a lot to leverage on your behalf & often, our clients benefit from a perspective that would not have otherwise been offered

“Getting an expert to carry out an end to end review of your online operations (including staff, processes & campaigns), then to roll up their sleeves to deploy  & show us the results. Absolutely, what we needed”

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2. Present Brief

We will create your “Know Your Domain” service programme. Clear timescales & deliverables for your approval


3. “Know Your Domain” Onboarding

Bringing your business onto the
service to get your online working

Know Your Domain Programme Highlights

It is not uncommon that many people slowly start working in the business rather than on it, to the point where you cannot see the wood for the trees.

Our propriety “Know Your Domain” programme is built to reveal issues & opportunities (hidden or otherwise) within your organisation. Your business is your domain & we believe in helping you to “Know Your Domain” better.

This programme concentrates on your business to re-establish that balance again. This will save your business time, money, raise efficiency, staff morale & placing you back in control. How do we do this?  Read More

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